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All About Window Tint: Automotive, Commercial & Residential

In San Antonio tinting your windows can make a huge difference in how cool your vehicle's interior, or inside of your building can feel, especially during the scorching hot Texas summer. Although heat rejection is a significant reason to tint windows, there are several other added benefits that will make window tint even more appealing once you learn about them! It is important to understand that not all window tint is created equal, with different brands and quality grades possessing different overall composition. The difference in composition causes different films to perform at different levels. Window tint film blocks UV rays and cuts down on IR (infrared) heat, which cuts down on the amount of heat as well as skin damaging light rays from passing through your window once tint is installed. Even though all tint is designed to block light to some capacity, there are major differences in how a film will perform when comparing automotive tint, commercial tint, and residential tint. In this blog we will discuss the differences between the types of window film, and explore some of the best options on the market for each type of window tint.

Lonestar Tint Maserati Carbon Ceramic Window Tint Installation
Lonestar Tint Maserati Carbon Ceramic Window Tint Installation

Automotive Window Tint

Automotive window tint is designed to keep the inside of your vehicle cool, rejecting the infrared heat from being able to pass through your windows. Hugh quality car window tint is typically a carbon ceramic blend, giving the film a protective property necessary to withstand direct heat for years, as well as cold and other outdoor elements. Auto tint is typically a greyish black color, but in recent years companies are innovating new technology that allows you to have your vehicles tint colored. If you are interested in a reflective or colored tint, be sure to check your states legal guidelines to make sure it is legal. When you tint your vehicle's windows you also have the added benefit of privacy, making it difficult to see inside of your car depending on the level of darkness you choose. Some common questions we are asked at Lonestar Auto Boutique is ,"Should I get 20% or 35%" and "What is the darkest you can tint a car?". When comparing window tint options, the percentage is a reference to the amount of light allowed to pass through the vehicle, therefore the lower the number the darker it will be. In the state of Texas 30% is the darkest you legally can tint your two front windows, whereas the back windows and rear windshield have no legal requirements making it so that you can use 5% window tint, also known as limo tint. 5% window tint gives you the most privacy inside of the vehicle making it difficult to see anything inside when looking from the outside.

Lonestar Tint Carbon Ceramic Window Tint Removal Replacement
Lonestar Tint Carbon Ceramic Window Tint Removal Replacement

Residential & Commercial Window Tint

Window film that is created to tint your residential windows at home, or business windows for a commercial building is manufactured differently than automotive window tint. Automotive window tint absorbs more heat, which would crack or break seals on windows used for buildings. Residential and window film comes in a lot of variety like privacy film, reflective film, security film and heat rejecting films .If you would like to know more, our blog "The Benefits of Commercial Window Tint" will explain a more in depth break down of the types of film we offer at Lonestar Tint.

Lonestar Tint San Antonio Commercial Building Window Tint Installation
Lonestar Tint San Antonio Commercial Building Window Tint Installation

Understanding what options you have on the market is the first step to making sure you choose a great window film. If you have any questions call us and our tint experts can explain your options. Low end window tint can crack over time, discolor and begin to peel. We recommend investing in a high end carbon ceramic film for automotive, commercial and residential window films. At Lonestar Tint and Auto Boutique we only offer top tier carbon films, contact us now to get a quote or schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

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