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Xpel Residential Privacy Glass

Lonestar Tint is San Antonio's premier automotive, commercial, residential tint shop. We specialize in window films, paint protection films, custom graphics and vinyl wraps, detailing and window care accessories. At Lonestar Tint we provide residential window tint and privacy glass, catering to franchises, corporates offices and retail spaces. We've built a reputation for being trusted in our community with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. The LAB was established in 2016 to serve a customer base that values quality and service above all.

Glass Door Privacy Tint

Privacy tint on your glass doors can provide additional security and help prevent outsiders from peering inside. Our Xpel Tint will keep eyes out!

Sliding Glass Door Privacy Tint

Home Window Tint Privacy

Residential window tint can provide numerous benefits such as reducing energy costs, protecting furniture and flooring from fading, and increasing privacy and security.

Bedroom Privacy Tint

More Family Privacy

Privacy tint can offer an extra layer of protection for your family at home by blocking outsiders' view of your interior and helping to prevent potential burglars from identifying valuable possessions.

Home Privacy Tint Before and After in Bedroom

top tier quality 
Xpel Residential Tint

We're always in the LAB working with the latest in home window film and residential cosmetic innovation perfecting our processes so that you receive nothing but the best quality possible. Check out some of the reasons why The LAB is your #1 choice!

Interior Window Tint at Home

Various Tint Grades

One Way & Traditional Tint

Bedroom Window IR Tint

Tint for Any Need

Tint Any Room Needed

Back Door Glass Window Tint

Glass Door Tinting

Darken For A Sleek Look

Why You Need Window Privacy Tint for your home

At Lonestar Tint & Auto Boutique we guarantee only the highest quality products. Our top of the line window film packages include optional technology to cut down on the amount of heat your skin feels when the sun is at its hottest. Infrared rejection tint, also know as IR window film is designed to reduce not only up to 93% of glare that come reflect on your windows, but also reject up to 99.9% ultraviolet light that comes through you windows heating up your skin. 

Residential window tinting is a great way to keep wandering eyes out of your home, giving you peace of mind and an additional sense of security. Our flat glass window tint options allow you the option to darken your windows, or add a reflective tint to create a mirror like effect on the other side. Using a reflective tint will allow you to see through your windows from the inside, while reflecting like a mirror from the outside. Adding an extra layer of privacy to your home is a great way to protect your family and belongings!

Tinting your windows at home is a good idea because it will help cut out heat as well! Similar to automotive window tint, our ceramic window film will drastically cut down the amount of IR heat that is allowed in your home. IR heat, abbreviation for infrared heat, is the heat that you feel on your skin coming through your windows. By rejecting UV rays and cutting down the IR heat, your home will stay cooler. An additional benefit is that blocking harmful UV rays not only will help protect your skin, but your furniture as well. Depending on the material it's not uncommon for furniture like couches, chairs and beds that are constantly exposed to sunlight though windows to wear faster than those located in a darker area of the home.

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