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Advantages of Commercial Window Tint

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Is there annoying glare coming through your office windows, or do worry about keeping your inventory and shop safe? Would you like to cut down on the heat and keep your employees and customers comfortable, while saving on your utility bill? There are numerous ways you can benefit from having your commercial building windows tinted, check out a few of the top reasons to tint your building below:

Privacy & Security

Windows allow light to shine through the building, and can provide a nice view outside, but they also allow eyes to wander through and take a look at what is inside of the building. Being able to see your stores inside visibly through windows can risk a break in or robbery. Tinting your windows with privacy glass can prevent thieves from being able to see inside, protecting the people and the products inside from wandering eyes. If vandalism is a concern of yours as well we are also able to add a graffiti resistant film that will repel graffiti, and make the cleanup significantly easier to manage if vandalism does occur.

Keep Your Building Cool

IR (infrared rejecting) window tint is another type of film that can be applied to your commercial building to block the harmful UV rays, as well as cut down significantly on the amount of heat coming through the windows. Cutting down on the amount of heat coming in will keep everyone cooler, making your customers and employees happier. Not only will it raise the morale of everyone inside, but it will also keep the utility cost down, making it easier to manage the temperature especially during the hot San Antonio summer months.

Make You Building Look Better

Window tint can make your building look aesthetically pleasing from both the interior and exterior. When you tint your office, daycare, or restaurant you can choose how dark you want the film to be, giving you a sleek look from the outside while only lightly darkening the glass from the interior view.

Where can I go for San Antonio window tint?

As your San Antonio window tint specialists, Lonestar Tint & Auto Boutique is here to take care of all of your commercial tint needs. We offer only the highest end carbon ceramic window tint, but we also offer an array of other services including automotive and residential window tinting. Contact us now to get a quote or schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Thyme for Lunch Restaurant Window Tint
Thyme for Lunch Restaurant Window Tint

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