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Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Does your business office, restaurant, daycare or sales floor have windows that are letting in sun all day long? Window tint can be a great way to not only cut down the glare, but to also help keep your energy cost lower, customers happier and inventory safer. In this blog we'll explain the different type of window tint options you have as a business owner, as well as how Lonestar Tint can install your desired tint for you.

What tint options do I have for a commercial building?

Window tint used for commercial building is different from tint that is used for vehicles. Our flat glass specialists will assure that the tint you choose to use for your business is the highest quality at Lonestar Tint. When tinting an office, restaurant or other types of commercial buildings you have options to choose from based on the look and results you want to achieve. We offer IR/solar films that will effectively protect people inside of the building from harmful UV rays while keeping a visible view outside through the windows. You can opt for a reflective film, or a neutral one each with notable differences in look. Reflective window films are especially effective at keeping heat, UV rays, and glare out of your buildings, essentially reflecting everything back like a mirror as the name of the film suggests. Neutral window films offer the same benefit of UV protection without changing the appearance of your windows. When security and safety is a concern, there are also security commercial window film options, as well as anti-graffiti films to prevent vandalism. Security window film will not only add a layer of privacy, but can also help fortify the window and glass doors to provide resistance against forced entry and break-ins. At Lonestar Tint we use high quality Xpel films, a brand that has specialized in technology for home and commercial window tinting.

What is the installation process like?

At Lonestar Tint we specialize in making sure you have the best installation experience possible, using only the highest quality window tint on the market our flat glass specialists will take great care of your building. Once a consultation is scheduled we will measure the size of your windows and give you an estimate as well as a timeframe for installation. Our Lonestar Tint specialists will then install the commercial window tint you chose on location efficiently and effectively. We are currently installing commercial window tint in San Antonio, Boerne, Bulverde, New Braunfels and surrounding areas. Contact us now at Lonestar Tint to schedule your commercial window tint installation!

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