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Paint AND Get A VINYL wrap

Lonestar Auto Boutique (The LAB) is San Antonio's premier automotive aesthetic shop, specializing in window films, paint protection films, custom graphics/vinyl wraps, detailing and automotive accessories. We've built a reputation for being trusted with daily driven vehicles to high end luxury vehicles and rare exotics. The LAB was established in 2016 to serve a customer base that values quality and service above all.

Infinite Ideas

 Add accent pieces, die-cut graphics, printed appliqués & more to make your vehicle wrap truly one of a kind.


We vinyl wrap your vehicle perfectly to give the ability to remove it if you want like it was never there.

Easy to Clean

Boost the longevity of your newest satin or matte install with a fresh coat of wrap wax. Check below for ideas!




We're always in the LAB testing the latest in window film innovation in order to perfect our process so that you receive nothing but the best quality possible. Click the link below to see what we've been working on!


Custom Vinyl Wrapping

From Mild to Wild

Red and Black Nissan GTR

Partial Wraps & 2 Tone

Entire Car or Panels

Audi A7 Wrap

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Matte, Satin and Gloss Colors

everything done in house

As every car has a different shape, each vehicle wrap we take on is like its own game where we strategically orchestrate the installation to minimize the amount of (or even eliminate when possible) seams in the vinyl. With less visible seams, it gets even harder to tell our wraps apart from a high quality paint job. It's time to ditch the paint, and go for a full vinyl wrap. You wont regret it!

best products to

maintain your wrap


Chemical Guys

Wrap Glosser

Wrap Glosser cleans and protects glossy vinyl wraps, shiny printed graphics, and clear bra protection films on all vehicles.


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3m Car Wash Soap

3M™ Auto Care Car Wash Soap is a highly concentrated liquid soap that develops heavy bodied, long-lasting suds to quickly remove dirt and road film from vehicles.

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Chemical Guys Matte Detailer

Protectant & quick-detailing spray for satin matte paints, matte finishes, matte  vinyl wraps; Works great on glossy paint as well and partial matte/gloss.

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About custom vinyl wrapping

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming the go-to alternative for any enthusiast looking to update their automobile with an aesthetic that’s a little out of the ordinary. In the old days, if you wanted your car to be a different color your only option was to have the entire thing completely repainted. This usually took weeks if not months at a regular body shop, would ruin the resale value of your vehicle, and would cost upwards of $8,000! Luckily there is a new way to change the color of your car without having to deal with any of those downsides. Using large sheets of 3-4 mills thick vinyl, we can custom wrap your entire vehicle in a seemingly endless variety of film combinations.


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