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Paintless Dent Repair - How it Works and How it Will Help You.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

We can all agree, finding dings and dents in your car is a very frustrating and irritating occurrence. Often dings are a result of hail damage, someone hitting your vehicle with a door or object, or a mystery occurrence that leaves an unsightly dent behind for you to wonder what happened. No matter where it came from, it's an inconvenience, that can diminish the value of your vehicle as well as make your vehicle look bad. Most insurance companies will cover hail damage under a comprehensive coverage, it's always encouraged to check with your insurer to see what ways they are able to cover the damages. Once you have checked to see how it is covered, insurance companies will typically give you the funds to have it fixed, but won't fix it for you. That is where we come in at Lonestar Tint and Auto Boutique, offering a stellar paintless dent repair service to pop those dents right out for you. Interested in how this process works? Let's dive deeper into the process and how it will benefit you!

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair, also know as PDR, is the process of removing dents and dings from your vehicle without having to drill into the metal or cause any damage that requires repainting. Our professional dent removal team accomplishes this by assessing the damage to the vehicle and determining how it can be accessed. Once we have determined the best angle to reach the dent, we remove the panel that will allow access to it, and lay it on a platform with angled LED lights to assure we can fully see the dent in a 360 degree view. Using special tools our PDR team will carefully work the dents out of the metal returning the effected part of the vehicle back to it original state.

Why is paintless dent repair is the best option?

PDR is the best choice when it comes to removing dents from your vehicle. Having your vehicle repaired through this method will prevent any drilling into your vehicle, which is how dent repair was done in the past. Until recent years, dent repair would require a small hole to be drilled into the vehicle, and then patched and paint matched. PDR is also a great option because it is the most cost effective. Needing only a few tools, this method of dent removal can be done a lot quicker, therefore costing you significantly less than drill required dent removals.

What do we offer at Lonestar Tint?

At Lonestar Tint and Auto Boutique we offer a comprehensive paintless dent removal package, specializing in the efficient removal of dents. Whether you're looking for hail damage repair near you, or the removal of just one dent, we are able to get it done for you efficiently restoring your vehicles look. Contact us now to see how we can help you by clicking here.

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