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More Than Looks - Top Reasons Why Window Tint Will Benefit You

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Window tint has several benefits beyond making your vehicle look great including: UV/heat rejection, privacy, and increased fuel efficiency. Automotive tint comes in different shades of intensity, appearing darker as the the percentages lower with 5% being the darkest. The reason why the tint appears darker the lower the percentage is because the percentage indicates the amount of light allowed to pass through the film. Darker windows can appear aesthetically pleasing on your vehicle, adding color to otherwise completely clear glass. Although looking great is a big factor, the health and security benefit you gain from tinting your window is just as, if not even more important!

Carbon ceramic window film, which we only use at Lonestar Auto Boutique, has a nano-tech carbon mixed into the film. This carbon material rejects UV rays and infrared heat that comes in to your vehicle, acting as a shield to keep the inside of your vehicle cooler. If you have a vehicle that isn't tinted, or using a lower grade film, you can feel heat on your face or arms while driving, which is the infrared heat. Carbon ceramic window tint will keep you and your passengers feeling more comfortable during your ride since it will keep most of that heat out. When it comes to window tint San Antonio is a place where a comfortable commute is essential with the amount of traffic and traveling required to get through the city, making heat rejection one of the top reasons to tint your windows.

Privacy is another factor that is more important now than ever, in a day and age where everyone has tracking abilities and high quality cameras in their pockets. Whether it be your children in the backseat, your shopping bags in the trunk or even yourself in the drivers seat keeping the level of privacy that makes your comfortable is something you can't put a price on. Safety is always at the top of the list when it comes to importance, whether its the safety of you and your passengers from harmful sun damages or safety from other people looking to peek inside of your vehicle, window tint can help solve the problem. Contact us at Lonestartint and Auto Boutique to see how we can help you as soon as possible!

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