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What is the Legal Tint in San Antonio?

In San Antonio window tint is not only a necessity to beat the excruciating heat throughout the year, but it also adds a layer of privacy to your ride as you drive through an extremely populated city. When a new car is purchased one of the first things new owners do is call a local tint shop to see what tint options are available to darken the windows and ditch the "fish bowl" look on their non tinted vehicle. One of the top questions we are asked at Lonestar Tint is what is the legal tint in San Antonio? Avoiding a ticket and the risk of being pulled over is important to residents in SA, so we always stay up to date with the tint laws in Texas.

Know The Laws

Making sure your windows meet the legal tint limits in San Antonio is the most important precaution to take when planning to get your windows tinted. As of 2022, the legal tint limits have not changed. You can read more in depth about the state specific window tint laws for Texas in this blog here. The current San Antonio window tint laws state that the darkest options allowed are generally: no tint requirements for rear windows and rear windshield, 25% of light must pass through the front windows, therefore 30% window tint is legal maximum and 70% for front windshield. Since there are no requirements for the rear windows of the vehicle, you can opt for 5%, also known as limo tint or other dark options without a problem.

Know Your Options

Not all window tint is the same, with performance and longevity being the biggest factor to consider when comparing films. Carbon ceramic window tint is the highest quality tint on the market currently in regards to UV and IR heat rejection, and is the only film we carry at Lonestar Tint and Auto Boutique. As your San Antonio window tint specialists, Lonestar Tint & Auto Boutique is here to take care of all of your automotive tint needs. We offer only the highest end carbon ceramic window tint, but we also offer an array of other services including ppf, vinyl wraps and ceramic coating. Contact us now to get a quote or schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

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