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What is Ceramic Coating for Cars and How Does Ceramic Coating Help Me?

Depending on the color of your vehicle it can seem almost impossible to keep your ride clean, with water marks, dust and pollen usually covering it within hours of a clean wash. There are different types of soaps and wax products on the market that can help your vehicle shine for longer, but eventually the elements and outdoors will set in and your car will look dirty again. There is however a product on the market that can greatly increase the ability for you to speed up the cleaning process and keep your vehicle looking great for longer; and that product is ceramic coating.

Rivian R1T Ceramic Coating Application
Rivian R1T Ceramic Coating Application

What is a ceramic coating ?

Professional grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that's applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external elements and paint damage. Typically applied by hand, it is applied wet and dries onto the paint of your car, creating an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Ceramic coating creates an extra glossy layer to your vehicle that not only looks great, but will also make it harder for things to stick on your vehicle. Once a ceramic coating is applied bird droppings, pollen, dirt, rain water and other external elements that typically would dirty your paint will either bead up and fall off of the surface or be easily rinsed away with water. With a ceramic coating applied to your paint you'll be a able to keep your vehicle clean easier, and when it is clean it will shine in new ways. The deep gloss that the coating creates will add an extra level of shine to your vehicle since the chemically created film reflects light better than paint.

How do I take care of ceramic coating?

Once your new ceramic coating is applied we recommend you take precautionary steps to make sure it performs the best it can for the longest amount of time. In order to prevent any damage to the coating we recommend you avoid using machine washes and car wash bays that can scratch or wear the coating down. A hand wash is always the safest way to assure your vehicle is cleaned properly. When cleaning it is also recommended that you hand wash it when the vehicle is not directly in the sun, especially during extra hot days. Lastly, we recommend that you keep the vehicle washed regularly, not letting any dirt or contaminants build up for long periods of time.

Where can I get my vehicle ceramic coated?

If you are in the San Antonio, Boerne, Uvalde or surrounding areas in South Texas contact us at Lonestar Auto Boutique to have your vehicle ceramic coated. Give us a call and we can give you a quote based on your vehicle and answer any additional questions you may have about ceramic coatings. As your San Antonio automotive aesthetics specialists, Lonestar Tint & Auto Boutique is here to take care of all of your automotive cosmetic needs. Contact us now to get a quote or schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

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