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south Texas window tint

& auto boutique  

We offer a full range of Automotive Cosmetic Services


The best Premium Wheel 
Selection in Texas

Lonestar Auto Boutique (The LAB) is San Antonio's premier automotive aesthetic shop, specializing in window films, paint protection films, custom graphics/vinyl wraps, detailing and automotive accessories. We've built a reputation for being trusted with daily driven vehicles to high end luxury vehicles and rare exotics. The LAB was established in 2016 to serve a customer base that values quality and service above all.

Wheels for All Vehicles

Whether you want wheels for a new Toyota Camry, or an exotic like a Lamborghini we've got the best choices for you


Top Tier Quality

Our wheel selection only consists of the highest end brands on the market, assuring you unmatched looks, but also impeccable quality.

HRE Ferrari Lonestar Auto Boutique

Exclusive Selection

Lonestar Auto Boutique is the only authorized AL13 dealer in the state of Texas. Shop our inventory here


The top Authorized

 dealer in texas

HRE designs, engineers, and manufactures 1-piece, 2-piece with FMR™, and 3-piece forged as well as cast FlowForm® aluminum alloy wheels for Racing, Performance, Luxury cars & SUVs. Produced in our San Diego, California-based, TÜV-approved facility, HRE’s build-to-order forged wheels offer a customized choice of offsets, widths and finishes, resulting in a uniquely personal style and performance solution for each customer’s application.


HRE & AL13

Reputable Brands


Unmatched Quality 

Unmatched Material Quality


Unique Options

Color and Material Choices

Hre & al13 Wheels

At Lonestar Auto Boutique we pride ourselves as being the best shop in San Antonio, holding ourselves to the highest standards possible. Since exceptional work is so important to us, we only partner with other companies that share that same love for excellent quality. Lonestar Auto Boutique has partnered with two wheel companies we respect, HRE and AL13.

These brands are extremely selective with who they authorize as dealers of their wheels, making Lonestar Auto Boutique the only authorized AL13 dealer in the entire state of Texas, and one of few HRE dealers in Texas. 


your #1 wheel & cOSMETIC shop in sa

At Lonestar Auto Boutique we know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to wheels, and who you purchase them from. We are a unique shop because we not only are authorized dealers for high end brands like HRE and AL31, but we also offer services that you'll love like ceramic window tint installation, vinyl wraps, and paint protection film. We not only want to help you make your car look amazing, but also protect and preserve it as well. 

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