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Is it Worth Getting Paint Protection Film?

When it comes to protecting the paint on your vehicle there are several options you have, with some of them being more effective than others. When vehicles are manufactured there is a clear coat that is laid on the vehicle to create a layer of defense, but it isn't quite strong enough to protect your vehicle once you're on the roads exposed to the elements. If you look around at vehicles throughout your day you'll notice vehicles with paint that is chipped, cracked, scratched, oxidized and discolored - all things that the manufacturer installed clear coats will not prevent. These blemishes are results of not maintaining your vehicles appearance and taking necessary steps to keep your investment in the best shape possible for years. The good news is that there is technology on the market now that will protect your vehicle and keep it looking nice and shiny for much longer.

Paint protection film, also known commonly as clear bra, is a film that adheres to the surface of your vehicle in order to create an invisible shield to protect your paint. PPF is a self healing reflective material that will add a layer of protection to the surface that its applied to, which is typically the front of a vehicle, or the entire vehicle for drivers that want maximum protection. At Lonestar Auto Boutique we offer several different packages that cover different parts of your vehicle depending on your personal needs, as well as matte options to add a stylistic flare to your new shield. PPF is installed using professional tools and a chemical/water mixture which is sprayed under the film and laid flat on the surface of the vehicle. Once bubbles are worked out of the surface area the film is installed it is left to harden and adhere to the vehicle, trimmed and tucked into creases around the car to prevent any lifting.

GMC Sierra PPF San Antonio Lonestar Tint
GMC Sierra PPF San Antonio Lonestar Tint

With all of the benefits to having paint protection on your vehicle, you may be asking yourself, "what are the disadvantages of paint protection film?". The great thing is that there really aren't any, at least not at Lonestar Auto Boutique. The only disadvantage there could possibly be is that ppf can damage your paint if it is installed incorrectly. At Lonestar Auto Boutique our team is certified in professional installation of paint protection films, so we can assure a stellar job that won't harm your vehicle in any way. Paint protection when installed correctly last typically from 5-7 years, in some instances even as long as 10 years. We recommend avoiding machine washes when washing your vehicle to prevent any deep scratching from machines, as well as routinely keeping your vehicle clean to get the most life out of your paint protection film. Getting a paint protection film installed on your vehicle is definitely worth it if you want to preserve your vehicle's look, and avoid rock chips and scratches! If you are in the market for paint protection in San Antonio or surrounding areas, give us a call and we'll give you a free estimate!

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