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How to Block Heat From Your Home Windows

Texas experienced record breaking heat in 2022, pushing the power grid for the state to its limits for several weeks. A state that is already known for being one of the hottest in the country saw weeks of triple digit temperatures, which resulted in astronomical utility bills. Texas CPS asked users to cut their air conditioning and appliance usage in order to prevent the power grid from collapsing, which forced families to suffer through the heat in their home or face a spiked electricity bill. There's something you can do as a homeowner to combat the heat though, significantly cutting down on the heat in your home and saving money on your utility bills. That solution is residential window tint, a film that is laid on your windows to cut out infrared heat, UV rays and light coming into the inside of your home. Below we discuss the different was you can benefit from residential window film.

What Options Do I Have for Residential Tint?

A common question we are asked by homeowners is, " Will my windows look darker if I tint them?" The answer to this question is quite simple, giving you the ability to have your windows look however you would like! When choosing the tint you would like to put on your windows you will have plenty of options including several levels of darkness, as well as mirror and reflective options as well. There are customers that would like to darken the look of their windows and make it difficult to see through, as well as customers that don't want to alter the view through their windows at all and opt for our Xpel Clearview Plus line of tints that still blocks up to 94% of IR heat from through your windows. Learn more about our full line of residential window tint options here.

How Much Does Residential Window Tint Cost?

Home window tint is completely different from automotive tint, with more variety and options to choose from to reach your desired goals. Residential window tint can target specific needs like safety, security, privacy, heat reduction as well as aesthetics. Typically different films are used for different reasons, for example privacy window film can block people from seeing into your windows, but does not have the same level of heat protection as a film specifically made for that goal. The amount of windows as well as the type of film you decide to add can drastically range the cost of residential window tint. It is best to contact a home tint specialist to discuss what film will be right for you and your home, as well as get an accurate quote. If you are in San Antonio, Boerne, Bulverde or surrounding Texas areas contact us at Lonestar Tint to start a free estimate as soon as possible and beat the Texas heat in your home!

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Residential Xpel Clear View Window Tint San Antonio

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