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A Fresh New Look - Lonestar Auto Boutique Vinyl Wraps

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Looking to change things up a bit and stand out on the road? A new vinyl wrap is exactly what you're looking for, giving you countless options to pick from for a new look.

What is a vinyl wrap?

To keep it simple a vinyl wrap is a vinyl material that is heated up and laid on the panels of your vehicle. An adhesive side of the vinyl is molded by hand around the edges and curves of the car, truck or SUV. You can learn more about the science and application of vinyl wrap in our blog here.

What options do I have for vinyl wrap colors?

The best part about vinyl wrapping your car is not only do you a countless amount of color options, vinyl wraps are not permanent so you can switch to another new color or back to your original color in the future. That flexibility will allow you to remove the vinyl if you would like in a scenario where you are selling the vehicle or if you end up wanting to wrap it again a new color later on. There are so many options when it comes to colors because with vinyl material we are able to provide matte, gloss, holographic, sparkling and other unique options. Earlier this year we wrapped a Tesla Model 3 with a psychedelic flip holographic wrap that changes colors when light hits it from different angles. Check out more examples of unique vinyl wraps we have done at Lonestar Auto Boutique here.

Tesla Model 3 Holographic Vinyl Wrap
Tesla Model 3 Holographic Vinyl Wrap

How long does a vinyl wrap take?

Typically a good wrap can take several hours or even days to prep for, complete and settle. Our expert techs at Lonestar Tint & Auto Boutique not only pay exceptional attention to detail, but can do so efficiently. Quality is our #1 priority in order to keep our reputation as the best auto boutique in San Antonio. When you give us a call or stop by our shop we can take a look at your vehicle and give you a good estimate to how long it will take to wrap your vehicle, and give you an awesome new look. Contact us and we'll help you come up with great ideas for a new wrap, or we'll get right to work with the color you desire at The Lab!

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